S55 Monitor License

MHD Monitor License (unlocks the ability to data log and view up to 8 fully adjustable live gauges):

Monitor your engine behavior to make sure it is running perfectly using a configurable and very responsive gauge layout with up to 8 fully adjustable gauges. 50+ engine parameters are available at a glance and are logged in the background! Activate the logging mode to save the data to a standard CSV file for later analysis using the built in log viewer. Additionally, we will happily provide free logs analysis.

These are some of the available monitors: Boost, Boost Target, Lambda (AFR), Intake Air Temp (IAT), Ignition Timing per Cylinder, Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Transmission Temperature, High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP), Throttle Position, Wastegate Duty-Cycle (WGDC), RPM, Speed, EGT etc.

    Advanced parameters that are not exposed by BMW are available for fine monitoring and tuning (depending on the DME software version if MHD is not flashed) like Timing Corrections per Cylinder, Boost setpoint, Active torque limiter etc.

    MHD OTS Maps by PureBoost

    We offer a wide selection of OTS maps for the S55 engine suitable for many different vehicle modifications and octane levels. They have been extensively road and dyno tested, just flash and go!


    431HP-500HP (GTS)

    Stage 1 Maps

    91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, for stock cars.

    Stage 1

    up to 530HP/700NM

    Stage 2 Maps

    91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, for cars equipped with high-flow downpipes

    Stage 2

    up to 560HP/780NM

    Stage 2+

    up to 575HP/850NM

    E85 mix maps

    For Ethanol blend of 30%+ ST1, ST2, ST2+


    up to 580HP (ST2+)

    Supported Vehicles

    2014 - 2019
    M3 F80 S55

    2014 - 2020
    M4 F82 S55

    2014 - 2020
    M4 F83 S55

    M4 GTS F82 S55

    2018 - 2020
    M2 Competition F87

    Custom Flash Options

    Individual Exhaust Burble
    Set your desired exhaust burble (duration, aggressiveness, min rpm, min speed) and enjoy the sporty sound of your S55 powered BMW.

    Cold Start Noise Reduction
    Suppresses the raised idle rpm at cold start phase.

    Fast Map / Option Switching
    Switch between your flash options, OTS Maps and Custom-Maps in just 3 minutes, after MHD is installed.

    Free updates
    More flash options are in development and will be released frequently.

    Limit Power Per Gear
    Limit the power per gear (1st -5th gear) to your desired level.

    Adjustable Exhaust Flap Settings
    Exhaust flap always open in sport / sport plus for maximum engine sound

    Top Speed Limiter Removal
    Remove the stock top speed limiter and enjoy the unlimited top speed from your car.

    C.S & G.T.S options
    G.T.S & C.S DCT transmission software flash (included in flasher license)

    G.T.S (500HP) & C.SW (460HP) engine style maps (included in flasher license)

    G.T.S style starup roar